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Prabhas, the enigmatic Indian film actor, has captured the hearts of millions with his charismatic presence and remarkable acting skills.

Known for his exceptional performances in the blockbuster movies Baahubali and Saaho, Prabhas has established himself as one of the leading stars in the Indian film industry.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing aspects of Prabhas’ wiki, age, wife, girlfriend, caste, biography, and more, shedding light on the life and achievements of this talented actor.


Prabhas Wiki:

Prabhas, whose full name is Prabhas Raju Uppalapati, was born on October 23, 1979, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

He hails from a family deeply rooted in the film industry, with his father Uppalapati Surya Narayana Raju being a renowned film producer.

Prabhas pursued his education at DNR School, Bhimavaram, and later attended Sri Chaitanya College, Hyderabad.

Despite having a background in engineering, his passion for acting led him to choose a different path.

Prabhas Age:

Prabhas is currently 44 years old, having been born on October 23, 1979. His youthful energy and dynamic on-screen presence have made him a favorite among audiences of all ages.

Wife and Girlfriend:

Prabhas’ personal life has been a topic of much speculation and curiosity among his fans. However, the actor has managed to keep his romantic relationships away from the limelight.

As of the latest information available, Prabhas is not married and has not publicly disclosed any details about his girlfriend. He prefers to maintain a private life and focuses primarily on his career.


Prabhas was born into a Raju caste family, a prominent community in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Rajus traditionally belong to the Kshatriya varna, known for their warrior heritage.

While Prabhas embraces his caste identity, he also believes in the unity and inclusivity of all communities, both on and off the screen.

Prabhas Journey:

Prabhas’ journey in the film industry began in 2002 with the movie “Eeswar,” directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee.

Although the film did not achieve significant success, it marked the beginning of a promising career for Prabhas.

He soon gained recognition for his powerful performances in movies like “Varsham” (2004) and “Chatrapathi” (2005), which established him as a versatile actor.

However, it was his portrayal of the dual roles of Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali in the epic film franchise “Baahubali: The Beginning” (2015) and “Baahubali: The Conclusion” (2017) that catapulted Prabhas to unparalleled stardom.

The movies broke numerous box office records and received international acclaim, showcasing Prabhas’ dedication and commitment to his craft.

Following the immense success of Baahubali, Prabhas starred in the action-thriller “Saaho” (2019), which further solidified his status as a pan-Indian star.

The film showcased Prabhas’ versatility as an actor and his ability to command the screen with his charisma and mesmerizing presence. Prabhas’ dedication to his roles and his willingness to push boundaries have earned him immense praise and a loyal fan base.

Throughout his career, Prabhas has been recognized with several prestigious awards for his outstanding performances.

He has received accolades for his portrayal of diverse characters, displaying his range and versatility as an actor.

Prabhas’ ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles has made him a sought-after artist in the film industry.

Apart from his acting prowess, Prabhas is also known for his commitment to his craft. He invests significant time and effort in preparing for his roles, undergoing rigorous physical training and learning new skills as required.

Prabhas’ dedication to perfection is evident in his performances, where he seamlessly immerses himself in the characters he portrays.

Prabhas’ popularity extends beyond the boundaries of the Indian film industry. He has garnered a substantial international following, with fans admiring his talent, charm, and down-to-earth personality.

Despite his immense success, Prabhas remains humble and grounded, maintaining a close connection with his fans and expressing gratitude for their unwavering support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is Prabhas’ real name?
A: Prabhas’ real name is Prabhas Raju Uppalapati.

Q: When was Prabhas born?
A: Prabhas was born on October 23, 1979.

Q: Is Prabhas married?
A: No, Prabhas is not married. He has chosen to keep his personal life private.

Q: Does Prabhas have a girlfriend?
A: Prabhas has not publicly disclosed any information about his girlfriend. He prefers to focus on his career and keeps his personal life away from the public eye.

Q: What is Prabhas’ caste?
A: Prabhas belongs to the Raju caste, which is a prominent community in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Prabhas, with his remarkable talent and magnetic screen presence, has carved a niche for himself in the Indian film industry. From his humble beginnings to becoming a pan-Indian superstar, Prabhas’ journey is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and passion for acting.

With each role he undertakes, Prabhas continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his versatility and charm.

Through this article, we have explored Prabhas’ wiki, age, wife, girlfriend, caste, biography, and more, gaining a deeper understanding of the enigma that is Prabhas.

As fans eagerly await his upcoming projects, one thing is certain: Prabhas’ star will continue to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the available knowledge as of the time of writing. Any updates or changes to the mentioned details may not be reflected here.

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